The Albert Schultz Ice Arena in Vienna has been expanded and renovated. Since 2011, it now accommodates 7,000 people instead of 4,500, and the training facilities and gastronomic establishments have been adapted as well. Vasko+Partner served as the general technical planner and was a partner in the joint venture with the architects Berger+Parkkinen for the realization of the new facility. Based on an idea by Lothar Heinrich, a roof structure was created that is internationally unique and allowed for the elegant curvature of the architectural expansion.

The ice sports landscape was originally designed by Sepp Müller, Alfred Berger, and Werner Krismer, and it was opened in 1994. Berger+Parkkinen Architects are responsible for the further development of the concept. The new grandstand extension and the existing hall are directly connected via the roof, which had to be specially raised. One of the main challenges was to ensure that the hall could continue to be used during the construction work. The existing structure consists of a steel spatial framework situated above the roof. The grandstand roof is supported by V-shaped columns, which also remain visible as an architecturally distinctive element inside the building. Alfred Berger collaborated closely with structural engineer Lothar Heinrich from Vasko+Partner, not only in developing the structurally demanding roof construction but also in designing the building's multiple folded and tapered exterior facade. The hall is structurally supported by bent steel trusses that span 40 meters across the space.

Project owner Eissport Errichtungs- Betriebs- und Management GmbH
Full design team Arge

Generalplaner Eissportzentrum Wien: Berger+Parkkinen Architekten / Vasko+Partner
Further data Generalfachplaner: Vasko+Partner

Projektsteuerung: IS-Consult GmbH

ÖBA: Retter & Partner Ziviltechniker Ges.m.B.H

Brandschutz: IBS – Institut für Brandschutztechnik- und Sicherheitsforschung GesmbH
Fotos: Franz Ertl