Project management

Our project management division plans, controls, and monitors building projects. This involves a variety of services, from project definition, project – including cost - control and risk management to project completion. Continuous training and development of our employees ensures that they possess the state-of-the-art skills and knowledge to perform the tasks entrusted to them responsibly and in the client’s interest.


  • Project monitoring

    Project monitoring is a consulting activity concerned with keeping track of the costs, deadlines, qualities, and organizational functionality of a project with the purpose of pointing out to the client faulty developments and potential problems in time for them to take countermeasures at every stage of the project. Ideally, project monitoring starts as early as during project preparation, with tasks such as reviewing preliminary studies, but it can, of course, be commissioned at any stage of the project. As a standard, our project monitoring teams compare budget and actual costs, time schedules and actual progress, they perform quality control, and they analyse organizational and information structures.

  • Project control

    Our project control staff not only undertake the overall organization and coordination of all specialist engineers but also continually monitor whether the budget and the specified qualities are complied with, the schedule is adhered to, and construction progresses smoothly.

    Many years´ experience places our experts in a position to compare actual and target states at any point of the project and immediately respond to delays, cost deviations, and deficits in quality. Constant monitoring of the programme of costs covers both building construction and ancillary costs. Quality monitoring ensures that all agreed primary objectives are met. In addition to that, the organization and the effects of any change or necessary redesign are taken into account and included and optimized in budgeting and scheduling.

  • Costing bases

    We draw up bills of quantities for both private clients and public clients to whom the (Austrian) Federal Public Procurement Act (BVergG) applies. BOQs delineate the qualities and quantities of building projects in either structural/technical or functional terms.

    Based on our extensive experience in performing calls for tenders, we deliver tender documents of outstanding quality. We also use our expertise in this field to support clients in post-tender negotiations and on other occasions in which technical issues are clarified.

  • Commercial supervision

    We support you in liaising with authorities, prepare tender documents for all areas of work, run tender processes, and obtain quotations and vet and preassess them for you. We also hold initial bidder interviews.

    On request, we provide assistance at the contract awarding stage, including the preparation of time and payment schedules, and conduct negotiations of variation orders.

  • Competition management

    Vasko+Partner takes care of the whole procedure involved in architectural and urban design competitions, competitions in other fields of design and negotiated procedures for procuring intellectual and creative work for private and public competition organizers.

    Our experts manage a client´s competition from defining the procurement objectives and preparing an appealing and realistic letter of intent to the final negotiations and the completion of the procedure. We assist in selecting the jury and in surveying the competition basis. Together with the competition organizer, we draw up clear and complete tender documents including precise assignments. Subsequently, our interdisciplinary team performs preliminary and technical checks of the competition documents received.

    Throughout the competition procedure, you benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the pertinent legal provisions (federal public procurement law, rules for architectural competitions, etc.).

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig
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