Building physics

We have adopted the core principle that in-depth consultation with the client should precede planning. In the early planning phase, we take up the client’s ideas and, considering them in conjunction with the architectural design of the project, develop innovative concepts for thermal protection, sound insulation and room acoustics. The more complex and specific the task, the more our building physics experts’ know-how is called for.

In addition to supplying the required evidence of the individual planning stages, we take care of consultation and agreement with authorities, apply for funding on the client’s behalf, issue energy performance certificates and certification labels and provide comprehensive support during detail design and construction. Another field of expertise which we cover and which is marked by close interaction between the building physics team and our various other disciplines is facade design.


  • Energy Performance Certificate

    Should the Client wish to realize real estate, we can draw up the compulsory Energy Performance Certificate. This certificate contains information on the quality aspect of a building and its potential of improvement - and thus eventually determines the market value of a given object.

    We offer a complete package for the Energy Performance Certificate of existing and new buildings, both residential and industrial. Complementary services include concepts for thermal-energetic renovation in order to receive funding.

  • Thermal protection

    We can deal expertly with all aspects of thermal building physics, tackling smaller problems as well as calculating and drawing up complete concepts for major projects, passive- and plusengery houses. We can provide further services, including incentive applications, shading concepts/surveys, 3D thermal bridge analyses, long-term measurement of temperatures, and airtightness concepts (incl. Blower-Door tests).As for building simulations, we offer thermal simulation, flow simulations for greater comfort in conditioned rooms, and, beyond thermal protection, daylight simulations

  • Moisture Protection

    Services rendered in the field of moisture protection: diffusion calculations, hygrothermal simulation, planning of structure sealing, energetically optimized concepts for preventing surface-and building element condensate.

    Other services related to moisture protection: moisture content measuring of air and building elements, damage assessment, expert's opinions, and fact finding.

  • Sound insulation

    Due to long-standing expertise, in sound insulation, we can design optimal impact noise-and sound insulation; calculate sound propagation and vibration dampening;, draw up noise registers; and perform measurements in the fields of building acoustics and soun immission.

  • Acoustics

    We design customized room acoustics for offices, function rooms, music schools, theaters, cinemas, auditoria and lecture halls; calculate noise reduction through absorption, define measures for absorbers and develop room acoustics elements that fit the architecture. Optimization and fine tuning of room acoustics for complex purposes are accomplished by simulation calclulations and monitoring analyses.

Dipl.-Ing. Martina Eichberger

Dipl.-Ing. Martina Eichberger
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