Vasko+Partner and IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau (Life cycle building engineering)

Vasko+Partner has been a member of IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau since June, 2012. IG Lebenszyklus Hochbau aims at developing process designs that support life-cycle oriented projects. The IG (interest group) connects and accompanies the responsibilities of quality of order, architecture and specialised planning, financing, building- and house technology, and facility management from project start to operation.  In doing so, friction losses are minimised.  This approach provides quality- and cost safety for all stakeholders; a partnership that acts in a user- oriented, ecological, and life-cycle optimizing way. IG Lebenszyklus addresses all companies engaged in building processes. "It goes without saying that, for us, a holistic view of a project implies a focus on life-cycle costs. This approach strengthens and definitely improves cooperation among the individual disciplines cooperating on a building project." (Wolfgang Vasko). IG Lebenszyklus was founded in February 2011 by ATP Architekten und Ingenieure, Delta, Heid Schiefer Lawyers, Heinrich & Mortinger, M.O.O.CON, and the Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Industry (ÖGNI).

Vasko+Partner and VZI

Vasko+Partner is a member of the Federation of Civil Engineers' Businesses (VZI). Founded in 1987, VZI is completely independent, representing the interests of Austria's bigger   Architects and Chartered Engineering Consultants and engineering businesses.  Approximately 3000 highly qualified expert members represent all building services. VZI pushes dialogue and discussion with leading proponents of politics and economy; it also deals with controversial topics.  Wolfgang Vasko was president of VZI for many years.

TUalumni Club

Vasko+Partner is a member of the TUalumni Club of the Vienna University of Technology. Its aim is to  support the university  and its graduates. TUalumni Club engages in active networking with representatives of the economy and the general public. It advises TU students and graduates as to professional openings when starting or changing their professional careers; it also provides and supports employment opportunities. Moreover, the club supports science and research at the TU Wien by input from practice and finding sponsors for projects

Vasko+Partner with ÖGNI

Vasko+Partner has been a member of ÖGNI (Austrian Society for Sustainable Real Estate Industry) since 2011. Its aim is to  develop and support ways and means of sustainable planning, building and using buildings in Austria. The Society contributes to climate protection and attaining emission targets.  Sustainable buildings are certified with seals of approval (gold, silver, bronze); helping establishing important CSR standards.

Austrian Standards Committee

The Austrian Standard Committee, a non-profit, private association, has functioned as a platform for developing norms, standards and regulations since 1920. Since products, applications and systems are undergoing rapid changes this platform helps ensure that the norms and regulations are kept up to date . Vasko+Partner is convinced that  this process calls for the cooperation with partners from both research, industry, while Vasko+Partner contributes its expertise taken straight from the practice. In Vasko+Partner’s opinion the interests of all parties can only be addressed and taken into consideration by collaboration and regular exchange of knowledge.

Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects

Vasko+Partner is a member of the Austrian Association of engineers and architects, ÖIAV, founded in 1848. Together with similar associations of engineers in England and Switzerland, the ÖIAV is one of the oldest associations of its kind in the world. It maintains close contacts with national and international universities, colleges, research institutes, and academies, as well as similar associations such as ASCE and SAE in the USA, and ICE in Great Britain. Among its goals are: measures for intensifying and increasing expert-and general technical knowledge; fostering relationships between people and technology through exchange of experience and events.