Vasko+Partner is a partner of the Austrian Museum of Architecture (Architekturzentrum Wien – Az W), which ist committed to "translating" specialist topics for a broad audience with a focus on the mediation of architecture and building culture.


Vasko+Partner is actively engaged in Austrian Standards International, the national organization for standardization and innovation, and regularly contributes its practice-based expertise to the various expert committees. Since 1920, the organization, a private non-profit association, has been providing a platform for the development of norms, standards, guidelines, and regulations. Products, applications, and systems develop extremely fast, requiring constant updating of standards and rules. Vasko+Partner is convinced that this process calls for the involvement of partners from research and industry: only if all those concerned with construction collaborate and exchange ideas regularly can all the various interests be taken into account.

  • FMA

Vasko+Partner is a member of Facility Management Austria (FMA), an association which promotes facility management in Austria as well as close contact and exchange with German and international associations. Jointly, FMA and IFMA Austria, the local chapter of International Facility Management Association, offer their members both a national and an international network and advance the interests of all those who are committed to the concept of facility management. FMA was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1995 and regards itself as the Austrian enterprise-related network for facility management. Among its members, there are renowned enterprises and organizations, associations and educational/training institutions as well as individuals who currently undergo (further) training in FM.

  • IG Lebenszyklus Bau

Vasko+Partner has been a member of IG Lebenszyklus Bau, an interest group which aims at developing a process design that supports life-cycle-driven construction projects, since June 2012. The IG brings the fields of responsibility of order quality, architecture and specialist design, financing, structural and building services engineering and facility management together from project initiation to operation, thus minimizing friction losses. This collaborative, user-centred, ecological and life-cycle-optimizing approach provides quality assurance and cost certainty to all involved. IG Lebenszyklus targets all enterprises engaged in a construction process.

  • MAdaster Austria

Since 2023, Vasko+Partner has become a Kennedy member at Madaster Austria – part of the European Material Register for material flows. As a renowned company with years of experience, Vasko+Partner adds significant value to Madaster and the entire circular economy. Vasko+Partner's expertise allows for comprehensive documentation of all materials, components, and products in the Material Register. This gives resources a visible value and supports the goals of a sustainable circular economy and environmental protection.

By entering information into the Material Register, Vasko+Partner's clients gain a transparent overview of their construction projects and their material flows. This documentation and transparency promote the implementation of sustainable construction projects and contribute to minimizing environmental impacts and facilitating material reuse. The partnership between Madaster and Vasko+Partner is thus a valuable contribution to promoting a circular construction industry, where innovative solutions are developed to establish a well-functioning circular economy and preserve valuable resources. Together, a positive contribution can be made to environmental conservation, setting standards for a sustainable future in the construction sector.

  • ÖGNI

Vasko+Partner has been a member of the ÖGNI, the Austrian Sustainable Building Council, since 2011. The ÖGNI’s ambition is to develop and promote ways and solutions for the sustainable design, construction, and use of buildings in Austria and to thus contribute to climate protection and to achieving emission goals. At the heart of all this is the awarding of seals of approval/quality in platin, gold, and silver for sustainable buildings and the establishment of CSR standards.

  • ÖIAV

Vasko+Partner is a member of the ÖIAV, the Austrian Association of Engineers and Architects. Founded in 1848, it is one of the three oldest institutions of its kind worldwide, the other two being the comparable English and Swiss associations. The ÖIAV maintains close ties with universities and other institutions of higher education, research institutes and academies of science at home and abroad on the one hand and its sister associations in other countries, e.g. ASCE and SAE in the USA and ICE in Great Britain, on the other. The ÖIAV’s objectives include measures for deepening and enhancing both expert and general technical knowledge and the relationships between humans and technology through exchange of experiences and a variety of events.

  • TU Wien alumni club

Vasko+Partner is a member of the TU Wien alumni club, whose objective it is to promote the TU and its graduates. The alumni club maintains an active network of contacts and relationships between science and public and raises the professional chances of students and graduates by offering them consultancy upon their entering the job market or when they change jobs and by facilitating employability. Other tasks the club has taken on include the advancement of science and research at the TU Wien through impulses from practice and the recruiting of sponsors for TU projects.

  • VZI

Vasko+Partner is a member of the VZI, the Austrian association of architects and chartered consulting engineers and other engineering firms. Founded in 1987, the VZI is fully independent, representing the interests of Austria’s major companies in the field. Some 3000 highly qualified expert members champion all the various construction services. The VZI promotes dialogue and discussion with leaders from politics and industry and deals with topical and controversial issues.

For many years, Wolfgang Vasko was the association’s president. Since June 2016, Günther Sammer has been a member of the presidium. He is in charge of innovation and further training.