Structural engineering

Vasko+Partner’s structural engineering focuses on resource-saving, lean and economical construction. We view the architecture and the structural framework of buildings as symbiotic. Accordingly, we attach great importance to close collaboration with architects whose concepts we translate into structures. Vasko+Partner undertakes projects of any size, from loft conversions to high-rise buildings.

We use all kinds of materials: concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, wood and glass as well as composites and high-tech products. The special know-how we have acquired, including economic factors, based on experience, e.g., in practical and theoretical calculations and engineering, is vital not only to the design of structures but also with a view to cost-effectiveness and architectural as well as aesthetic aspects.

  • Steel Construction

    Our core competences in structural design include expert knowledge re steel construction and enable us to plan any kind of project - placing emphasis on filigree, sustainable concepts. Suitable steel constructions are used for each and every project; the Client profits from short planning and construction periods. We calculate the structure in cooperation with renowned steel companies and monitor the assembly on site until completion.

  • Reinforced Concrete Construction

    Reinforced concrete - a composite of concrete and reinforced steel - is the material of choice for major projects and architectural finesse. We make use of the compressive and tensile strength of the material. We plan the most economical concept for your reinforced concrete building in connection with a pinpoint accurate structural design.

  • Wood Construction

    Wood is a valued, sustainable building material - not only for lightweight construction.  During the design phase options for a sensible and economical wood construction are assessed and considered as the potential material for traditional roof trusses, roof constructions for halls or projects of urban redensification.

  • Filigree load-carrying roof constructions

    Steel, wood, glass - we design the optimal load-carrying roof construction for the Client. We believe that less is more: a load-carrying structure should be unobtrusive, lending lightness to the building. This is the only way filigree load-carrying roof constructions can be realized. We calculate the maximum bearing load in advance and take generous potential loads into account.

  • Art Buildings

    Transforming ideas into reality - we put ourselves into the artist's mind and create the planning basics for the execution of the work of art. Filigree constructions make room for the message of the work of art, with statics fading into the background.

  • Structural Analysis

    We check statics planned as to all potential risks, re-calculate the results and confirm or complement the static concept. At the same time we also check whether the structural dimensions are sufficient and the calculations are economical.

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Poppe

Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Poppe
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