Production information

Preparing production information is yet another core capability of our company. Based on concept, design development, and building permission application documents, production information is drawn up in compliance with the architect’s specifications. Close collaboration with the architectural design and supervision teams warrants the satisfactory completion of the architectural design process for all involved.

  • Working drawings for shell and core stage and interior finishes

    We prepare perfect working and detail drawings, paying great attention to every detail and, of course, complying with all standards and regulations to provide an optimal basis for all trades involved, which has proven to avoid flaws and thus to be crucial to ensuring safe and smooth construction.

  • BIMM - Building Information Model Management

    We are among Austria´s first consulting engineers to make comprehensive and interdisciplinary use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The range of services of BIM management comprises, among other things, the setup and administration of a central CAD data management system, the establishment and maintenance of project-specific interdisciplinary data structures, the creation of BIM models (BIM building), and research and development in the fields of data interfaces and new planning and communication tools.

    The advantages of the BIM system
    In contrast with conventional CAD planning methods, BIM facilitates database-based, interdisciplinary work with a parametric 3D model in which all building information is interlinked and from which it can be retrieved at any given time. BIM is a concept, a method of working – a mode of thought. Instead of just producing drawings, we can now describe shapes parametrically using mathematical algorithms and attribute information. Among other things, BIM allows us to structure data more transparently and comprehensibly for all disciplines, to incorporate and agree modifications much more easily at an interdisciplinary level, to enhance the interdisciplinary understanding of projects, and to reduce errors thanks to optimized data flows and new communication tools.

  • Technical supervision

    We take on the technical supervision of any project – irrespective of its size –, which means that we coordinate all the parties involved in the planning process: we help to avoid flaws and frictions and save costs. We offer consultation to you, the client, in planning and design matters and in negotiations with authorities, individual specialists, and other planners and designers.

  • Clarification of details

    V+P examines and analyses the feasibility of any project idea, be it a property development, a new building, a conversion, an extension or a complete refurbishment. We assess the practicability of projects of any size – from terrace extensions to industrial facilities – with regard to technical, logistic, legal and commercial aspects and offer comprehensive advice and assistance. Our team provide a full-service programme according to the scope specified by you, the investor/client. If desired, we also manage the search for plots of land for envisaged projects.

  • Liaising with authorities

    Upon request, we take care of liaising with authorities and subsequently provide site supervision to ensure that the building project is executed according to specifications. Based on our long-standing experience with large projects, we are well versed in preparing – and submitting – building permission application documents.

  • Visualizations and videos

    In line with the Generalkonsulent philosophy, Vasko+Partner stays on top of its projects – and uses its know-how to make sure that all the other parties involved or interested in a project are also given an overview.

    Apart from visualizations, animations (short video clips) can be produced. These tools hold a powerful added value for clients and architects: from the visualizations, a short video is compiled, which not only shows shadows and how they move or provides an impressive insight into the spatial conditions of a project but also offers a first “walk” through the building. Plus, moving people, animals, cars, and other vehicles and means of transport can be included to convey a very realistic impression of the future urban development situation – a must-have, in particular with regard to the client’s marketing goals, which guarantees a wow experience.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig
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Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Thomas Drexler

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Thomas Drexler
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