Construction site supervision

Vasko+Partner’s construction site supervision team sees to the quick and optimal completion of your construction project. We regard ourselves as direct representatives of the client on site and guarantee that deadlines, costs and qualities are met based on continual monitoring of these parameters from inception to completion.

Our site supervision staff are committed, experienced experts who provide well-structured, well-organised management of construction projects of all types and sizes: from new developments, building extensions and conversions to overall refurbishments.

  • Implementation Control

    We control each successive stage of the construction - not only according to permits, implementation plans, service descriptions and fundamental project goals, but also according to Austrian standards ÖNORM and the latest codes of practice. Controlling follows internal Quality -Gates

  • Schedule and Builder's Diary

    Vasko+Partner work out and follow a detailed construction programme, undertake a variance analysis[O1] , and record potential adaptations of project goals. The approach of general consultancy also comes into play on site: taking overall project schedules and processes into consideration and offering our expertise during other phases and to our partners.[O2] Defect detection and rectification at an early stage safeguard optimal project completion. We also coordinate official acceptances for the Client so as to warrant the smooth handover of the project.

  • Cost Management

    We take care of current invoicing ; check bills; warn against impending cost overrun; suggest alternative measures; check service specifications - in short, we do our best to reduce costs already in advance.

  • Construction work coordination

    We have ample experience with coordinating construction sites, according to the construction work coordination law (Bauarbeitenkoordinationsgesetz,BGB,I 37/1999).You, as the client or project manager, are required to appoint a construction site coordinator in case two trades are involved. We can take responsibility,coordinate preparation as well as execution of construction work,including use of equipment. Special attention is paid to safety measures and health protection.

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Gusella

Dipl.-Ing. Oliver Gusella
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