Building services engineering

We provide planning and design services for a wide variety of projects, from flat conversions to complex large-scale projects. Our experience extends to projects with special requirements, such as Passivhaus standard, alteration work during continued operation, large refrigeration plants and function premises. Of course, our designs – for residential and major commercial projects alike – are energy-efficient and sustainable. This includes, as a central aspect, the life-cycle costs, with a focus on operation and maintenance.


HVAC + plumbing engineering at Vasko+Partner comprises a wide range of building types, from residential and office buildings, function centres and educational institutions to health-care facilities, and includes projects with special requirements, such as Passivhaus standard, alteration work during continued operation and large refrigeration plants.

In our designs, we opt for user-friendly systems and take care to ensure occupant comfort. Apart from coordinating with other construction engineers to come up with a practicable design, we are particularly concerned with the sustainability of buildings. Consequently, we regard energy-efficient concepts with a focus on low running costs of the building services systems and on keeping operating costs low through optimised maintenance, always with an eye to the entire life cycle, as indispensable in state-of-the-art design.


Vasko+Partner covers the entire scope of electrical engineering design, for both existing and newly fitted buildings: three-phase-power and extra-low-voltage systems, safety and security engineering, IT network design, lighting design, electromagnetic compatibility tests, analyses of electromagnetic radiation ("electrosmog").

Prior to the actual design task, we ascertain the system’s expected performance and contact the energy supplier concerned in order to be able to produce the perfect infrastructure (transformers etc.). In addition to that, we offer assistance in obtaining optimised tariffs. Subject to the client’s request, the design process follows the conventional stages of concept, design development and production information and subsequently leads to tendering, quantity surveying and contract awarding.


  • Measuring and Control Systems

    Vasko+Partner offer the Client concepts for measuring and controlling of all HVAC-relevant parameters for new and existing buildings: e.g. climatisation, lighting, and solar shading control. Our specialised planners match exsting or to-be designed systems with given spatial conditions, optimizing performance and consumption in this way. Automatisation is fitted out in compliance with the Client's wishes - up to automatic data recording of temperature, humidity, and CO2-content of indoor air.

  • Simulation

    We strongly recommend dynamic building simulation, in particular for buildings with complicated geometries and expansive glass facades.In the process, we determine - with an exactitude down to 0,5 Kelvin - how room temperatures are going to behave in relation to varying seasonal outdoor conditions.

    Flow simulation (CFD): the behaviour of air mixing and air flow in the various indoor areas can be assessed by the method of flow simulations. All window-and ventilation apertures are taken into account. Flow simulation is especially recommendable for buildings with large glass facades or a high number of windows, high rooms and extraordinary spatial structures.

  • Energy concepts

    We optimise energy demands for existing and new buildings as well as for refurbishment. The finalisation of the project does not mean the end of work for us, as we also take on updating energy optimization throughout the whole lifecycle of a project.

  • Energy Optimization

    We optimize energy demands for existing/new buildings as well as for refurbishment. The finalization of the project does not mean the end of work for us because we also take on updating energy optimization throughout the whole lifecycle of a project.

  • Certifications

    Vasko+Partner have three ÖGNI -certificated auditors at your service: Christian Marintschnig, Günther Sammer and Thomas Wetzstein. Auditors advise the Client in all matters of sustainable constructing and formulate targets for the planned building , and accompany Clients on their way towards a certificated project. ÖGNI, Österreichische Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Immobilien (Austrian Association for sustainable real estate), develops and supports ways and solutions for sustainable planning, constructing and using of buildings in Austria; it contributes to climate protection and attaininging emission targets. ÖGNI also establishes CSR standards and certifies sustainable buildings by awardings seals of approval (gold, silver, bronze). The association is also seeking for certification of businesses. As a member of ÖGNB, Österreichische Gesellschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen (Austrian association for sustainable building), Vasko+Partner’s auditors are experts in the latest rating and review systems for buildings; hold close contact with the ÖGNB experts; and have exclusive access to knowledge, methods and new tools for sustainable quality enhancement in the construction industry. The Client benefits directly from our know-how, especially during the phase of project implementation.

  • Media Technology

    We can design a custom made digital work environment for our Client, using our knowledge of video technology, communications engineering, lighting technology, and audio technology.

  • Safety Engineering

    Whether it is about isolating devices or access systems - we design safe entry to your building. On request, the Client can order a unit that enables you to save all entrances and exits , or further process all data. We also undertake HVAC planning for building safety.

  • Special Areas

    Energy Performance Certificates according to EU guideline: In 2002, the EU issued a guideline on the total energy efficiency of buildings. On the basis of this guideline, an energy performance certificate has to be drawn up for every building, applying to residential-and office buildings, new as well as existing buildings. A relevant new aspect of the certificate is worth mentioning: it does not only assess the heating energy demand of a building - as was customary - but also the consumption of cooling, lighting and ventilation. On your request, our experts in the field of building services engineering and building physics can draw up a legally valid energy performance certificate for your building.

    Vasko+Partner have experienced planners for technical systems for wine cellars, water treatment plants, domestic wastewater treatment plants, environmental impact assessments/declarations, plant operating permits, waste management concepts, exhaust air systems, and sewage treatment systems.

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