Stadthalle Vienna

The Hall F, a three-story new building in reinforced concrete construction, was integrated into the existing complex of the Vienna Stadthalle. The prominently cantilevered, iconic volume of the new Hall F - an event arena for approximately 2,100 spectators - ensures a striking appearance towards the Gürtel while preserving the overall image and maintaining the scale. The Stadthalle with the front foyer remains the centerpiece of the complex and is fully visible, while the spacious forecourt is retained. The homogeneous, polished structure sits freely on the ground pedestal. Under the cantilever, all areas are centrally accessible, with artist entrances and deliveries located at the rear.

The gastronomy is located adjacent to the interval foyer. The edutainment area is freely designed in the basement. Through the central staircases and restroom facilities, a highly flexible system is created, allowing for future adaptations.

Two twisted staircase systems "sew" the inviting foyer at ground level with the interval foyers on the hall level. Forward-facing interval terraces and direct access to gastronomy ensure a high-quality experience for attendees. The rehearsal stage is also easily accessible from here and offers attractive views, making it an appealing event venue. The hall does not have a gallery, which intensifies the sense of community and arena-like atmosphere - similar to a football stadium. The catwalk is directly integrated, creating immediate contact with the audience. The VIP area, as a representative zone with its own anteroom, completes the space at the rear.

A spatial truss system shapes the contours of the building, with the exterior cladding covered in silver aluminum elements. The front side can be designed as a media wall. The stone flooring of the foyer "extends" the forecourt into the interior, while the floors and ceilings of the inclined interval foyers are made of dark wood. The hall is clad with a backlit dark red glass shell, and the interior is also entirely monochromatic red.

Client Stadthalle Wien
Architecture Dietrich|Untertrifaller