Liechtenstein City Palace

With the restoration of the LIECHTENSTEIN CITY PALACE, one of Vienna's legendary palaces from the late 17th century and the pioneering building of the Baroque era in Vienna, has been brought back into use. The office of Prof. Architect Wehdorn was entrusted with the entire architectural service, including local construction supervision, while Vasko+Partner represented the client and provided monitoring services.

Vasko+Partner acted as the client's representative, being involved in all decisions and serving as the overseeing authority over all trades. The diverse uses over the years required demolition work before the restoration of the palace (commenced in 2008). As the palace was also used as an office, numerous partition walls and suspended ceilings had to be removed beforehand.

An initial inspection of the building revealed that its statics were in urgent need of renovation. The structural rehabilitation was carried out using a steel skeleton that now encloses the wings like a belt, as well as through the three-story underground depot building below the courtyard level. This subterranean structure extends over 17 meters deep and, from a constructive perspective, resembles a concrete box that significantly contributes to the now finally restored static structure. Only after the technical-constructive renovation could Wehdorn begin the restoration work.

The facade was restored to its original state using historical materials and the historical method of wet lime plaster with lime paint - essentially a fresco. The old moisture in the area of the grand portal - where rainwater cascaded down from above - must now be allowed to escape from the building before this part of the facade is re-limed.

State-of-the-art technology

The building technology of the CITY PALACE LIECHTENSTEIN proved to be remarkably ahead of its time. It had an intricate warm air heating system from the beginning. Automatic door openers and hidden orchestra lodges date back to the Biedermeier period. The entire palace was fully air-conditioned, with 1200 LED candles replacing the countless real candles. Through Vasko+Partner's monitoring, the quality of planning, especially coordination among the individual planners, was brought to a correspondingly high level. The LIECHTENSTEIN CITY PALACE is made accessible to the public through guided tours (registration required!). Additionally, it provides space for the Vienna branch of LGT, the bank of the princely family. Some of the magnificent rooms can be rented for events.

Further data Bauherr, Nutzer: Stiftung Fürst Liechtenstein Architektur/Planung/Projektsteuerung/ÖBA: Prof. Arch. Manfred Wehdorn Projektleitungs- und Monitoringleistungen: Vasko+Partner