Currently, extensive renovation and refurbishment work is underway at the former Opera and Karlsplatz Passage, with the Opera-side part of the passage dating back to the 1950s. The passage serves as a public transport hub, with 200,000 people using it daily, making it the most frequented underground facility in Vienna. The project's scope includes the complete refurbishment of the passage, aiming to create improved visibility, sufficient space, and a bright and attractive design while keeping the passage operational.

A Total Work of Art as the Goal

The orientation of the passage has been completely redesigned. The new design includes LED cultural guidelines on the floor and ceiling, directing pedestrians to Vienna's cultural venues. Most of the shops in the passageway will be relocated, and the vacant spaces will integrate an artwork (currently being tendered) to make the Karlsplatz an underground art space as well. The completion of the Karlsplatz Passage's refurbishment is expected by early 2013.

The two parts of the passage not only differ in their origins – the so-called main passage, connecting to Resselpark, was added in the 1970s – but also in their ownership, with different legal processes due to the division of ownership between the Wiener Linien (Vienna public transport operator) and the City of Vienna's MA28 authority, the former being governed by railway regulations.

Client Wiener Linien
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