Benedictine Abbey of Altenburg

The Benedictine Abbey of Altenburg, including the abbey church, underwent a complete renovation. The main focus of the works was the renewal of the abbey roofs. Particularly, the roof on the east side of the library had to be entirely replaced. The scaffolding used for this purpose was also utilized for the restoration of the library's east facade. In the abbey church, the Mater Dolorosa Altar was restored.

Architects Jabornegg & Pálffy have been carefully revealing the medieval structure within the Baroque Altenburg Abbey for about a decade. The Benedictine monastery, as the client, has the opportunity to participate in the progress of the process through phased renovations. Vasko+Partner is supporting the project in terms of structural engineering, building physics, and building services. An exciting challenge lies in the restoration of the Gothic vault, which had been filled during the Baroque period for centuries. Gentle measures were taken to reinforce the partially damaged and cracked vaults, allowing the original structure to be exposed. Since Easter 2012, the vaults have been accessible to the public.

Project owner Benediktinerstifts Altenburg
Client Stift Altenburg
Architecture Jabornegg & Palffy