State hospital Gmunden

The architects fasch&fuchs provided the foundation for the renovation and new construction of the Gmunden Regional Hospital. Vasko+Partner was tasked with cost estimation, cost calculation, cost estimation, as well as technical and business management. All patient wards were situated adjacent to tranquil green zones, and additional outpatient areas were arranged on the ground floor. Noise from car traffic was kept away from the nursing area, and the central courtyard was designed as the main delivery zone. The parking areas remained on the eastern part of the area. Two parking decks provided the necessary spaces, and the green roof area served as a park space for the entire geriatric section, designed by the landscape planning firm Idealice in collaboration with the architects.

A new main corridor led visitors, patients, and staff from the garage to the core of the outpatient area. At the intersection of the existing entrance and the new main corridor, a central distribution point for all outpatient areas was located. Two green inner courtyards zoned these areas, creating outdoor spaces for relaxation or providing privacy through dense foliage while also offering views of green spaces.

The new helicopter landing pad was placed above the orthopedic expansion to minimize the distance to the shock room and X-ray facilities. In front of the entrance area, a two-story building complex was accessible, housing the acute geriatrics/remobilization unit, consisting of outpatient areas, general therapeutic and nursing functional areas, a corresponding patient ward, a day clinic, and technical areas, changing rooms, and supply areas in the basement around the central courtyard. The access via the newly designed forecourt was designed as a gathering zone for patients and visitors, equipped with plants, benches, and a water feature.

Further data Bauherr: Oö. Gesundheits- und Spitals-AG Architekten: fasch&fuchs.