The Sophienspital is located near the Westbahnhof, directly on the Gürtel, one of Vienna's busiest streets. As an addition to two existing pavilions situated in a small park with old trees, a connecting section was constructed directly on the Gürtel. The patient rooms are oriented towards the garden side, while the utility rooms face the street.

Due to significant installations along the sidewalk and the Gürtel, the shallow foundation and basement walls of the new building had to be constructed in sections.

The building consists of a four-story reinforced concrete structure. The façades facing the Gürtel were executed with increased sound protection, using brickwork with stepped glass-aluminum facade elements. Towards Apollogasse, there is a futuristic cantilever, behind which a therapy staircase is located, among other things. The flat roof is accessible and partially intensively greened, allowing patients to use it.

Partial relocation and the acquisition of new medical equipment, as well as the special facilities required for the geriatric departments, were executed on schedule and within the approved budget. As a result, just one day after completion and the celebratory opening, the first patients could be admitted.