IACA Laxenburg

Gentle Renewal

The state of Lower Austria (NÖ) and the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) decided to establish an international training center for combating corruption, IACA. The protected Palais Kaunitz in Laxenburg was chosen for this purpose. The Palais Kaunitz was given to the former Chancellor Kaunitz by Empress Maria Theresa in 1774. Since 1935, it has been owned by the Cross Sisters in Laxenburg, who used it as a seminar, meditation, and community center since the last renovations in 1978/79. The consortium Peretti + Peretti and Vasko+Partner were responsible for the overall planning.

The three-level building, without a basement, covers a gross floor area of approximately 5,160 square meters. Except for the converted attic, the building retains its original structure. To adapt the building for the planned use by IACA, several revitalization and renovation works were required, including the strengthening of the building structure (drying out) and static measures concerning the floor slabs. The room layout and technical building equipment were adjusted to meet the requirements of a modern academy operation, while also taking into account the preservation of historical elements. The Palais can accommodate about 300 people simultaneously once it is fully operational.

Client NÖ LandesimmobiliengmbH
Architecture Architekten Peretti + Peretti
Full design team Arge Architekten Peretti + Peretti und Vasko+Partner