Event center St. Valentin

Culture Pure: Valentinum

In St. Valentin, an event center was built according to the plans of Burtscher-Durig ZT, which also houses the music school. Vasko+Partner was responsible for project supervision, coordination according to BauKG (Construction Coordination Act), general planning management, structural engineering, building physics, building services engineering, and fire protection planning. The municipality of St. Valentin is delighted with the enhancement of the cultural scene in the town. The design combines a multifunctional entrance area for the music school and the event hall, which can be separated and equipped with seating as required. The stage's adjacent rooms, with a separate entrance, facilitate easy logistics and smooth operations. The large hall's divisibility and accessibility are functionally well-solved, ensuring flexible use. Swietelsky was responsible for the general contracting performance. Valentinum is also at the forefront of building technology, with state-of-the-art equipment: air heat pumps and ventilation systems ensure nearly fossil-free energy supply. Room conditioning is achieved through underfloor heating/cooling and cooling ceilings (basic load coverage) as well as the main ventilation system (peak load coverage). A compromise was found for the event hall between the room acoustics required for musical performances and the planned exhibitions and sports events: a combination of pleasant, slightly dry room acoustics and electroacoustic reinforcement enables the intended multifunctionality of the hall. Thoughtfully arranged and acoustically effective room boundaries were designed to create music classrooms, ballet studios, and lecture rooms. Noise protection and room acoustics, considering the multifunctional use and the special location near the railway track, posed challenges that the planning team addressed collaboratively and with great ambition. By the way, the name "Valentinum" was chosen together with the local community.

Further data ÖBA, Statik, Bauphysik, Gebäudetechnik, Brandschutzplanung: Vasko+Partner
Fotos: Manuel Stanzl/V+P