House of Digitalization

Located on Campus Tulln, the Lower Austrian flagship of digitalization covers an area of 4 200 square metres. The physical House of Digitalization is part of a three-stage project aimed at pooling digitalization know-how from the economy, public administration, research, and teaching, acting as a networking platform and information hub. Its main occupancies are an entrance hall, a catering area, offices, and incubator areas as well as the centrepiece of the building: a showroom. The latter hosts annual exhibitions open to the public.

A consortium formed by Vasko+Partner and architectural offices Kronaus, Gallister and Mitterer was contracted for the full construction project design.

The construction work was completed in spring 2023. The building also accommodates large companies, the University of Applied Sciences Wiener Neustadt, and service institutions, which will support small and medium-sized enterprises in their digital transformation.

The House of Digitalization makes reference to both the campus as a whole and the existing building of the University of Applied Sciences in particular. The significance of the showroom – said centrepiece of the House of Digitalization – is demonstrated by its ”folding out” into the open, making the House a sign referring to the outside and conferring on it an eye-catching, strong, symbolic identity. A multi-layer media façade, which may be used and retrofitted in a variety of ways, makes contents visible from the outside and communicates the topic of digitalization to its surroundings. Apart from a restaurant area on the ground floor, the building accommodates a start-up/co-working space and a bar.


Virtual tour of the House of Digitalization (credit: ecoplus):

Further data Auftraggeber: FH Wiener Neustadt/ecoplus

Generalplanung: Arge Vasko+Partner und Kronaus Mitterer ZT
Fotos: ecoplus/Gerald Lechner