Thermal Spa Vienna Oberlaa

Adventure pool for all generations

According to the plans of 4a Architects, a uniquely designed thermal spa was constructed in Vienna Oberlaa, replacing the old thermal spa. The new thermal spa offers around 4,000 square meters of water area, 3,000 square meters of sauna area, and a 6,000 square meter health area, along with high-quality wellness facilities. Vasko+Partner was responsible for the accompanying control during the construction process. Surrounded by a spa park and extensive gardens, it serves as a recreational oasis in the heart of the city. The main challenge was that the construction of the new thermal spa took place simultaneously with the ongoing operation of the old thermal spa. After the completion of the new facility, the old one was demolished or partly relocated. The thermal complex comprises an Active Tower, an outdoor area, a sauna and wellness landscape, a spacious children's area, an integrated health center, and related commercial and gastronomic establishments. The spa's layout was architecturally designed to resemble the course of a river. Along this watercourse is the new health center "Therme Wien Med," offering over 200 treatment and therapy facilities for musculoskeletal disorders, spread over 6,000 square meters.

Client Therme Wien GmbH & Co KG/ Wien Oberlaa Projektentwicklung GmbH
Architecture 4a Architekten GmbH