Copa Cagrana

The so-called Copa Cagrana, located on the New Danube near the Reichsbrücke at river kilometer 12.5, has seen better days. Additions, modifications, colorful coatings, and occasional minor repairs have created a dilapidated atmosphere, which has now been rectified thanks to the commitment of Vienna's water management. The challenge was to complete the project in an extremely short construction period of only four months. The Copa Cagrana is now operational year-round, even during floods and cold weather. The two tenants, a Greek and a Mexican restaurant, have been retained.

The design by gerner°gerner plus was developed with two objectives in mind. The existing structures were to be utilized as much as possible in terms of sustainability. The architects intentionally integrated anticipated flooding, which is characteristic of the location, into their design concept. The pavilion consists of two levels, with the upper level cantilevering over the water. The lower part consists of solid perimeter walls arranged on three sides and a supported reinforced concrete deck. In the area of the open side of the building, the deck is supported by appropriately sized columns to withstand floating debris. The lower level is above the water level but may be flooded during significant rises in water levels. The design features highly cleanable surfaces. The smooth cube is largely devoid of recesses and joints to facilitate cleaning efforts. The openings leading to the rear restroom areas are equipped with waterproof closures. All other technical facilities and the restaurant kitchen are located on the upper level.

The ground floor level serves as a shaded, weather-protected outdoor space, extended by the front terraces, with direct access to the water. The upper level is a lightweight wooden construction, designed for year-round use. Visitors enter the building through the central terrace and are directed from there to the two laterally situated gastronomy establishments. The waterfront fronts of the restaurants are fully glazed to offer panoramic views of the New Danube. The terrace is protected by sunshades. The design concept connects the adjacent Donaucity with the water, creating a visual and atmospheric unity.

Client Stadt Wien
Architecture gerner°gerner plus