Mediaquarter St. Marx

Mediaquarter St. Marx

The southern border of the plot is located on Maria-Jacobi-Gasse and extends along Henneberggasse on the west side. The St. Marx location, with the Vienna Biocenter campus and the T-Center in close proximity, is considered a young and emerging district, making it the ideal place to shape Vienna into an international media hub. The location combines generous building space with excellent connections to the city center and the airport. A pedestrian passage is intended to establish a connection between Maria-Jacobi-Gasse and Baumgasse, encompassing all future buildings of the area into a clearly defined urban unit.

Flexible Use Possible

The planned complex is divided into two buildings with different heights. As the intended use also includes two distinct areas, this feature was used to achieve an optimal functional division: the Media Quarter (MQ - Building A) and two office buildings (Building B, C). The MQ is a fully equipped media center. The TV studios, along with their associated ancillary rooms, function as a self-contained unit that can be connected to other areas of the MQM building. The studios, along with a shared front hall, are located on the ground floor. In this level, there is also a public entrance with a foyer, including a connection to the underground garage via a separate access. Starting from the ground floor, office spaces are planned in Building B. Thanks to a consistently implemented modular system, the offices can be flexibly configured in various types and sizes. The optimal positioning of the access cores, staircases, and sanitary facilities in the building core allows for easy division of the individual floors into different-sized, self-sufficient units. Across the passage, an office building is planned, with its structure organically integrated into the layout. The top three floors above the passage are designed as bridge-like, floating offices with a good view. The last floor is planned as a setback floor. In the ground floor of Building C, the establishment of a bakery is planned. The three buildings will be connected with an underground garage.

Architecture Atelier Hayde
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