Block 37 Belgrad

Block 37 Belgrad

The building is located on Treci Bulevar in one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods of New Belgrade.

With the construction of a new bridge over the Sava River, this boulevard is expected to become an inner-city main traffic route, connecting New Belgrade with the southeastern parts of the city and the planned ring road in the coming years.

The most significant facilities in this neighborhood include the Veropoulos Hypermarket, several office buildings, two train stations, and two access points to the Zagreb/Vienna – Thessaloniki highway.

The property features an underground garage with approximately 40 parking spaces and side openings, allowing for natural ventilation. The secure enclosure of the garage from the public is ensured by automatic rolling doors at the entrance and exit. The ground floor is slightly elevated above street level and offers a generous floor-to-ceiling height of 4.50 meters, making it suitable for commercial and office use. The two upper floors, with a structural height of 3.45 meters, are designed as pure office floors with open floor plans. The flat roof houses the building's technical equipment, visually covered by a flying roof.

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