District Building Office Korneuburg

District Building Office Korneuburg

Construction of an office building in passive house design. The office building comprises the ground floor and two upper floors (with an integrated technical level). As the building does not have a basement, functional and technical areas are primarily located on the ground floor, while the workspaces are situated on the first and second floors.

The first floor (OG01) is designed as individual offices (cellular layout), while the second floor (OG02) is designed as an open-plan office (group office layout). These floors also accommodate public areas for visitor traffic. The facade and building envelope incorporate elements (roof design, facade materials, facade structuring, etc.) inspired by the surrounding environment, reinterpreting them in a fresh manner.

The central feature of the building is the interior atrium, which serves as the main circulation area.

Client Stadt Korneuburg
Architecture CAP Chalabi Architekten