The new Campus at Nordbahnhof is the first Public-Private Partnership project in the field of education in the city of Vienna. The campus model integrates learning and leisure, a symbiosis that is reflected in the architecture and infrastructure as well: bright, friendly, and without any trace of the typical school atmosphere. The 8,000 square meter garden, directly adjacent to Bednarpark, is available for shared use by the elementary school students and kindergarten children. In the evenings, a soccer club is allowed to use the facility.

Located in the heart of the new district on the former Nordbahnhof site, a total area of about 14,000 square meters houses an elementary school with 17 classrooms, a kindergarten with eleven groups, and a central dining facility, all designed according to the plans of architects Kaufmann and Wanas. The campus was built to low-energy standards and has been awarded the sustainability certificate of DGNB/ÖGNI. Vasko+Partner was responsible for project consulting, management, and implementation.

The building, much like the adjacent Rudolf-Bednar-Park, aligns with the direction of the railway tracks, stretching nearly 180 meters in length. At the entrance area, three V-shaped columns create an urban signal. The centerpiece of the building is the dining hall, which extends over three levels up to the glass roof, offering visibility from all floors. Numerous vertical breakthroughs in the form of two-story atriums with punctured openings enhance natural light, creating varying lighting atmospheres within the building throughout the day.

Client Magistrat der Stadt Wien MA5
Architecture kaufmann.wanas architekten