BIMM - Building Information Model Management

Vasko+Partner is one of Austria's first engineering companies to undertake comprehensive and interdisciplinary work using BIM - Building Information Modelling. Due to innovative tools of communication, BIM facilitates better interdisciplinary understanding/ of a project. Moreover, it minimises errors because of optimized data flows.

The range of services rendered by BIM- management comprises, amongst others, composition and administration of a central CAD- data management, the installation and upkeep of project-specific interdisciplinary data structures, the production of BIM models (BIM-Building); research and development in the area of data interfaces and innovative planning-and communication tools.

Contrary to the traditional method of CAD- planning, BIM makes databank-based, interdisciplinary work possible - work that connects all building information which can be called up at any time from a parametric 3D-model. BIM is a principle, a working method - a way of thinking. Before BIM we could only draw, now we can describe forms with the help of mathematical algorithms and factual data. With BIM, a more transparent and for each discipline traceable data outline. This facilitates substantially the incorporation and interdisciplinary tuning of modifications. It also means a better understanding of the project and minimizing errors due to optimal data flows and new tools of communication.