Angertal ski center

The new Angertal ski center has been designed as a prominent building, serving as a hub in the Gastein ski resort and a gateway to the skiing world for arriving guests. This multifunctional complex houses a ticket center, information and operational facilities for the Gastein mountain railways, as well as gastronomy and sports equipment sales, rental, and service areas, along with spaces for ski schools and sanitary facilities. From the village, the goal was to create a comprehensive, distinct, poetic, and harmonious building, which also enhances the cultural landscape, especially visible from the ski slopes. The focal point is the central covered and weather-protected square, the so-called Agora, with the towering "Light-Tower" above it—a 16-meter-high glass lantern that brings light into the heart of the building complex and acts as a "shining crystal" when viewed from the outside.

From this covered square, where the ticket and information zone is also located, entrances on two levels lead to all the essential areas for the guests. The spacious panoramic terrace in front of the restaurant offers a stunning view of the "ski stadium." On the ground floor, a temporary roofing solution is provided for the bar, allowing its use even in inclement weather during ski operations. The appearance is characterized by the dome-shaped roof surfaces made of stucco-finished aluminum and the soaring steel-glass structure. The base areas and the adjacent space zone are made of bush-hammered in-situ concrete, while the other exterior walls feature a curved larch wood plank cladding. Inside, the defining element is the wine-red-painted grid of glulam beams, visible as the underside of the roof structure.

Client Gasteiner Bergbahnen AG
Architecture Martin Kohlbauer, ZT GmbH
Full design team Martin Kohlbauer, ZT GmbH