Wien Energie company building

Highest Energy Efficiency

With the Kagran operational building for approximately 140 employees, a new base was established by Wien Energie Stromnetz to serve the network area north of the Danube. The building was designed by the architectural firm gerner°gerner plus in collaboration with Vasko+Partner Ingenieure.

The main idea is the arrangement of the u-shaped building in reinforced concrete construction to create a central operational yard with maximized traffic areas. The spacious operational yard provides space for maneuvering and access to all functions, such as loading zone, washing area, outdoor storage, and the existing substation. The new building's facade is adorned with pre-fabricated facade nets in vibrant CI-orange and large-scale logo prints, clearly defining the facade while adding variety and creating a distinctive visual impact.

The client's goal was to have an operational building with high ecological building quality at reasonable costs. Key measures include the compact building structure, thermal insulation, perforated facade, external sun shading, component activation in conjunction with a solar system, and a heat pump, reducing the heating demand by 50 percent and cooling demand by an impressive 82 percent. A rooftop chiller was installed to cover peak demand. A bus system enables lighting control, combining brightness sensors and presence detectors. These measures led to a drastic reduction in operational costs compared to conventional office buildings.

Architecture gerner°gerner plus
Full design team gerner°gerner plus in Arge mit Vasko+Partner
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