SEW Eurodrive Inzersdorf

The SEW Eurodrive assembly plant is located at the southern entrance of Vienna. The spatial and functional program includes the main assembly hall, including storage areas, with approximately 4,000 m² of space, the office and social wing with around 1,000 m², and the associated outdoor facilities. Access and development of the area are provided through the Richard-Strauss-Straße, which runs parallel to the Southern Motorway.

The three-story administration wing with a central three-story atrium is inserted beneath the overarching and cantilevered roof.

The foundation of the assembly hall and the office wing consists of a raft foundation supported by individual and strip footings.

The structural framework is made of steel. The hall is divided into eight bays, each with a uniform span of 20 meters. The steel structure comprises main and secondary beams, with the main beams in the center axis being welded I-sections.

The load transfer is achieved inside the building and on the facade through precast reinforced concrete centrifuged columns, while on the narrow sides, it is supported by the solid administration building and a load-bearing wall at the back. The floor slab is constructed using monolithic steel fiber concrete.

Client SEW Eurodrive
Architecture Martin Kohlbauer