Renovation of the Raiffeisenhaus Vienna


The Raiffeisenhaus Vienna was built between 1972 and 1975 and became operational on May 13, 1975. It comprises a total of 18 floors (including two utility floors) with a gross floor area of approximately 35,000 m². The building height (OK attic 16th floor) is 67.67 m.

The Raiffeisen-Holding Lower Austria-Vienna planned a comprehensive renovation of the operational Raiffeisenhaus, focusing on modernizing personnel, operational, and object security. The objective was to create innovative, contemporary, and flexible office units while implementing a resource-efficient and sustainable building concept to significantly reduce operating costs during the building's life cycle. Vasko+Partner, in cooperation with the architectural firm Maurer responsible for the architectural planning, was entrusted with this task. As part of the building's renovation, the base zone will be reorganized, and a complete relaunch of all standard floors will be carried out, except for floors 16 to 18 (kitchen, restaurant, technical center) and parts of the 2nd floor (bank administration) and 10th floor (trading room). The entire building's technical infrastructure has also been upgraded to state-of-the-art standards.