BORG Guntramsdorf

Extension and Remodeling BORG Guntramsdorf

Vasko+Partner was commissioned for building services, tendering, project management, and planning coordination. The expansion and reorganization of the Guntramsdorf school campus include the construction of a new upper secondary school, a triple-tower sports hall, and a central and shared area for dining and afternoon care. The design, with its two floors, adheres to the surrounding urban scale and creates expansive open and green spaces towards the neighboring area, densifying its profile towards the center.

The new building is developed as a separate three-winged complex next to the existing school building. The formulation of the building structure aims to achieve a clear and well-organized overall layout, with short access routes of high spatial quality, clear free and access areas, and the avoidance of disadvantaged teaching areas in terms of orientation and views. The generous green space design is intended to invite leisure activities.

The sports hall is also designed as an event hall for up to 700 people. The afternoon care area, acting as a connecting element, links the sports and dining areas to the New Secondary School. The courtyard between the two school buildings is accessible through the auditorium and the dining hall, and the covered outdoor area provides weather-independent seating options. The design allows for future expansion of the school building through the extension of the southeastern wing.

Client Gemeinde Guntramsdorf
Architecture Arge goya – megatabs (goya ZT-GmbH – MEGATABS architekten ZT GmbH
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