Production information

Preparing production information is yet another core capability of our company. Based on concept, design development and building permission application documents, production information is drawn up in compliance with the architect’s specifications. Close collaboration with the architectural design and supervision teams warrants the satisfactory completion of the architectural design process for all involved.

  • Execution drawings

    Perfect working drawings and details ensure that the construction process runs smoothly, offering an optimal basis for all construction trades involved in the project. Experience shows that a construction site profits greatly from intelligent working drawings. This is why Vasko+Partner put a high emphasis on developing details, always taking norms and regulations into account.

  • BIMM - Building Information Model Management

    Vasko+Partner is one of Austria's first engineering companies to undertake comprehensive and interdisciplinary work using BIM - Building Information Modelling. Due to innovative tools of communication, BIM facilitates better interdisciplinary understanding/ of a project. Moreover, it minimises errors because of optimized data flows.

    The range of services rendered by BIM- management comprises, amongst others, composition and administration of a central CAD- data management, the installation and upkeep of project-specific interdisciplinary data structures, the production of BIM models (BIM-Building); research and development in the area of data interfaces and innovative planning-and communication tools.

    Contrary to the traditional method of CAD- planning, BIM makes databank-based, interdisciplinary work possible - work that connects all building information which can be called up at any time from a parametric 3D-model. BIM is a principle, a working method - a way of thinking. Before BIM we could only draw, now we can describe forms with the help of mathematical algorithms and factual data. With BIM, a more transparent and for each discipline traceable data outline. This facilitates substantially the incorporation and interdisciplinary tuning of modifications. It also means a better understanding of the project and minimizing errors due to optimal data flows and new tools of communication.

  • Technical Supervision

    Vasko+Partner take on the technical supervision and coordination of all parties involved in the planning process for projects of any given dimension. Technical supervision helps avoid defects and frictions - and, in turn, saves costs. We advise the Client in matters of planning, as well as negotiations with authorities, specialists and other planners.

  • Resolving Details

    Vasko+Partner analyse the feasibility of each and every project idea, regardless of whether the project is small or big - e.g. estate developments, new buildings, conversions/extensions, overall refurbishments, or industrial plants. Our team offers the Client comprehensive advice in technical, logistic, legal, and commercial issues . It is for the investor/ Client to decide on the extent of our service. If desired, we will also manage finding suitable landed property for projects envisaged.

  • Public Authorities

    Upon request, Vasko+Partner handles any sort of business with public and building authorities, including ubmissions. The Client will profit from our long-standing, ample experience in the matter. Consecutively, we oversee the building project on site, putting emphasis on performance-oriented implementation.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Marintschnig
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Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Thomas Drexler

Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Thomas Drexler
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